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M4RT Transport Medium

Posted by anna on March 2, 2022

A VTM kit stands for PCR kit or RTK swab test for covid-19 detection, which consists of viral tube, sample solution, sterilize swab. M4RT transport medium is a modified Hank's balanced salt solution that is used for the transport of samples. M4RT is suitable for use in the collection and cryoprotection of clinical viruses, chlamydial agents, and mycoplasma. M4RT has no antimicrobial activity. When used according to recommended methods, M4RT can significantly reduce the amount of time needed to process samples.

M4RT transport medium is a new formulation that was developed by MicroTest, Inc. This is a novel solution that contains gentamycin and vancomycin. M4RT is a substitute for M4 medium and was tested in the CT/NG PCR using the COBAS Amplicor. The cervical swabs of 270 patients were collected and placed in M4RT and stored at two to eight degrees Celsius.

M4RT transport medium was developed by MicroTest, Inc. for the collection of cervical swabs. This medium does not require refrigeration until inoculation. M4RT does not need to be refrigerated during storage. M4RT contains bovine serum albumin, gelatin, sucrose, glutamic acid, and sucrose. The pH is 7.3+-0.2. The pH indicator is phenol red.

Another benefit of M4RT transport medium is its convenience. The liquid solution does not need to be refrigerated until inoculation. This makes it ideal for specimen transport. M4RT does not require refrigeration and does not affect the results of CT/NG PCR. It also has the added benefit of being a universal PCR platform. This is the best solution for a rapid CT/NG test.

The M4RT transport medium has been shown to be an ideal alternative for M4 for most PCR assays. It is also easy to prepare and does not require any refrigeration. This makes it a good choice for QC laboratories and researchers. There are many advantages to M4RT over M4 for specimen transportation. So, if you are looking for a more convenient option, try M4RT. It is worth trying.

M4RT is the most common transport medium. M4RT transport medium also does not need to be refrigerated. It is better for liquid sample collection and has less sensitivity to inhibitors found in M4RT. You will find that it will be easier to use for your NG/CT testing. However, M4RT will allow you to save a lot of money while transporting cervical swabs.

In contrast to M4 medium, M4RT is also more effective in detecting N. gonorrhoeae. Compared to M4 medium, M4RT has higher sensitivity. Therefore, it is useful for screening for N. gonorrhoeal. Its high sensitivity is a good indicator of infection. It is essential to test all samples in a day.

The M4RT medium contains gentamycin and vancomycin. This new media was tested as a replacement for M4 for the COBAS Amplicor. The PCR was performed on cervical swabs from 270 consecutive patients. The swabs were placed in M4 medium for two weeks before the inoculation. There were no differences in the M4RT PCR results.


The M4RT medium was compared to M4 medium. Cervical swabs were transported in both types of transport media for PCR analysis. The M4RT transport medium was found to be equally reliable for the PCR detection of C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae. CT/NG were detected with a COBAS Amplicor CT/NG.

The M4RT medium was developed by MicroTest, Inc. and was compared to M4 medium, which is used for most PCR assays. The main advantage of M4RT over M4 is that it does not require refrigeration. Most PCR assays are sensitive to inhibitory substances in the milieu, so the M4RT medium was designed to overcome this problem. The results showed that the M4RT medium had better results than the M4 transport medium.

The M4RT transport medium was compared to M4 medium, a traditional transport media. A total of 270 cervical swab samples were collected. The specimens were then transferred to a laboratory where they were PCR-positive for Chlamydia trachomatis and CT-negative for N. gonorrhoeae. A further study confirmed that M4RT and M4 media were equally reliable in the cervical swab detection of C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeoeae.

In one study, M4RT medium was compared with M4 for transporting cervical swab samples. The M4RT-derived medium did not need to be stored at 4degC, which is crucial for the accuracy of PCR tests. However, the M4RT media had a higher sensitivity compared to M4 for C. trachomatis. The M4RT is more convenient and efficient.

During a study comparing M4RT transport media for cervical swab specimens, the M4RT medium was more reliable for detecting C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae. The M4RT transport medium was also more efficient for transporting cervical swabs. This new medium is more compatible with patients than with patients.

The M4RT transport medium has excellent viability. This medium is ideal for CSF samples. The M4RT transport medium is also FDA-approved for Amplicor CT/NG testing. The M4 transport medium is a sterile solution that is easily transported. It is used for a variety of applications. It is recommended for use with the Amplicor CT/NG test. When used, it is compatible with M4 tubes.

M4RT transport media can be obtained in different forms. The sterile form is available in two formats: refrigerated and room temperature. For clinical specimens, m4rt transport media is not required. This medium can be obtained from the UWHC. A laboratory preparing a CSF-based sample should ensure that the medium is sterile and free of toxins. This is a crucial process for HIV-infected patient.


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