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How to make my luggage or suitcase easier to spot at the airport?

Posted by Jack on December 14, 2022
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    Have you ever been at the airport and found yourself looking for your luggage or suitcase? You know, the one with all of your travel necessities in it? If you've ever had that experience, read on. I'll show you how to make your own luggage stand out from the crowd and make it easier for people to find.

    Buy a bright colored luggage or suitcase

    • Buy a bright colored luggage or suitcase. If you're trying to find your bag at the airport, having it stand out is essential. Buy a bright colored luggage or suitcase that stands out from all of the other bags around it, like blue, yellow and red.
    • Buy a luggage or suitcase with a pattern. A lot of people use their luggage as an extension of their personality—so why not make sure that what they have on their bags matches who they are? Patterns are great ways of expressing yourself while still being able to easily spot your bag among others in the baggage claim area.

    Wrap your luggage or suitcase in cling film.

    Cling film is cheap, easy to find and easy to use. It's a thin plastic that sticks to itself and looks like this:

    It can be wrapped around your luggage or suitcase in a number of different ways. The easiest way is just to wrap it up as you would if wrapping food for storage. You could also cut off some of the cling film at one end and use this as an edge seal, which will help keep water out if rain gets inside your bag during transit (and don't forget about those little rain-repellent packets you can get for free at some airports).

    If you're happy with how it looks then just stick on some stickers or labels so people know which bag is yours when they're picking up their luggage at baggage claim in Miami Beach!

    Add something that dangles off of your luggage.

    • Add something that dangles off of your luggage.
    • Attach a ribbon, string, bell or other small object to the handle of your suitcase. This way people can see that it's yours and they know not to take it by mistake. You could also add a stuffed animal or other object that would make it even more noticeable.
    • Add a light-up tag on the outside of your bag so everyone can see what airline you are flying with, which flight number and where you're going when they look at the luggage carousel after picking up their bags at baggage claim. The best way to do this is by using an LED battery-powered light that attaches easily with Velcro strips (available) or double sided tape (available). These lights come in various colors and styles but are usually white LEDs with red plastic around them for visibility purposes--but there are also colored ones available if you prefer something different!

    Add a sticker to your luggage.

    A sticker is a great way to identify your luggage. It should be visible and easily removable, without damaging the suitcase itself. A sticker that is too large or won't come off can be problematic when it comes to airport security, so make sure you choose a size and design that will work for you—and other people!

    Remove the tag or cover it up with another tag.

    • Remove or cover up the tag.
    • You can cover it with another tag, or you can simply remove the existing one and replace it with a new one that you've written yourself. If your luggage has a tag on it that says "this side up," you may want to consider replacing this with something else, like a sticker that says "Greetings from [insert destination]!"
    • Covering the tag up with cling film is another option. This will help keep the inside protected from moisture and dirt while still making sure people know which bag is yours!
    • Duct tape might seem like an obvious choice here but we'd recommend against using this method because if someone opens one of these suitcases at an airport they're going to have some trouble getting through all those layers of sticky plastic and cardboard before finding what's inside."

    Make your luggage stand out in the crowd.

    The first thing to do is find luggage that will make you stand out in crowds. You don't have to go crazy here, but anything that makes your luggage different than the others is a good idea.

    One of the best ways to do this is by using bright colors. If all of your bags are black and gray, they won't be as easy to spot. Instead, choose something like red or blue—colors that stand out when surrounded by other dark colors. It will also help if you can make sure there's some sort of pattern on your bag so it doesn't look plain (like a solid color).

    Let's say my suitcase was blue with stripes down the side, how could I make it even more visible? Well one idea would be putting stickers on them! There are lots of fun ones available online for purchase at places like Amazon - just search "travel gear" and see what comes up 🙂 Or another option: use luggage tags instead! These come in lots of different designs from simple plastic tags with metal hooks all the way up through ones made entirely out metal craftsman style pieces (they're usually pretty expensive though).


    Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas on how to make your luggage easier to spot at the airport. The most important thing is that you have fun with it! You don’t have to go crazy with colors or stickers if that’s not your style, but do what works for you. Remember that this is just one way to make sure your bags don’t go missing; there are other strategies out there as well.


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