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Can I reuse Amazon boxes to ship items through the post office?

Posted by Jack on December 20, 2022
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    I'm a huge fan of Amazon's packaging, especially the strong and durable cardboard boxes. I also love that they're environmentally friendly and easy to repurpose for other uses. So it came as no surprise when one day I was at the post office and someone asked me if they could use their Amazon boxes to ship items through the post office. It turns out that you can send packages through USPS with Amazon's packaging—but not all fragile items or glassware!

    It's a question that has been asked many times.

    It's a question that has been asked many times, and for good reason. Since Amazon boxes are recyclable, it makes sense to reuse them if you can--especially if you plan to order from the site again. But what about shipping fragile items like wine glasses or electronics? And what about using those new, flat-pack boxes as packaging?

    Fortunately for us all, the USPS has clarified its policies on this issue: yes indeed! You can ship through their system using your old Amazon boxes (as long as they're clean). However, be aware that they don't recommend doing so with any other brand of box because of possible damage during transit or storage at their facilities. If you want to ship something small but fragile in an Amazon box anyway, just leave out any packing materials like bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts inside; otherwise they'll throw those away automatically when they process your shipment at their facility before sending it off via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground services instead of air freight (which would cost more).

    Yes, Amazon's boxes are recyclable.

    Amazon's boxes are recyclable. You can recycle them at most recycling centers and they're made of paper, which is recyclable.

    If you don't have your own packaging and need to ship items through the post office or UPS, Amazon's boxes are a good option because they're free and they come with tracking numbers that make it easy for the recipient to know when their package will arrive.

    Yes, you can ship with Amazon boxes through the post office.

    Yes, you can use Amazon boxes to ship through the post office. The size requirements are the same as for any other package, so if you have a box that is large enough and otherwise meets those requirements (no holes or tears), it should be fine to use.

    There are some things to keep in mind:

    • You don't need to buy special packaging from Amazon. Any sturdy cardboard box will do!
    • If your item fits well inside of an Amazon box but doesn't quite fill up all of its space, then it's best not to add padding around it so that there's room for air circulation around your product during transit--this helps prevent damage from heat buildup during shipping.

    No, you cannot use their boxes to mail fragile items like wine glasses or electronics.

    If you're looking to ship a fragile item like wine glasses or an electronic device, you can't use Amazon's packaging. Their boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, which is not rigid enough to protect fragile items.

    If you want to reuse their boxes for shipping purposes (not recommended), it's best if the object being shipped isn't fragile at all--and even then we recommend double-boxing it with another box that has been labeled "fragile" by USPS employees.

    Yes, they'll reuse your old boxes if you leave them out front with a "Please Reuse" note.

    Yes, you can!

    The postal service will reuse your old boxes if you leave them out front with a "Please Reuse" note. The note should say "please reuse" and have your address and phone number on it. The box must be in good condition to be reused; if not, they'll recycle it instead.

    You can ship with Amazon's packaging but not fragile items or glassware.

    You can reuse Amazon boxes to mail your packages, but there are a few things you should know.

    First of all, it's important to know that Amazon packaging is designed for shipping goods through their service and may not be suitable for other carriers like USPS or UPS. If you use an Amazon box for shipping fragile items or glassware (like wine glasses), the carrier might refuse your package because they're not meant for those kinds of shipments. This can result in additional fees from them if they decide to return your package because it wasn't properly packaged with adequate cushioning material inside the box itself.

    If you want some free packing materials from Amazon, ask them! They'll send over some free boxes and bubble wrap which will allow you send any kind of item safely through the post office without having any problems at all!


    Shipping with Amazon's packaging is a great way to save money and help the environment. You can also ship through the post office with their boxes if you want to reuse them for shipping fragile items or glassware. However, keep in mind that USPS will not accept boxes from other shipping companies like UPS or FedEx or other retailers like Target or Walmart so be sure to check with them before sending anything off!


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